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BIOPURE Purified Water for Healthcare Applications
Cleaning and sterilizing reusable medical equipment is becoming increasingly regulated by industry guidelines and international standards. 
Our BIOPURE range meets the latest standards and provides point-of-use purified water for small bench-top autoclaves, washer disinfectors to large or multiple automated washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors.
Our BIOPURE range features:

  • Broad impurity removal by high efficient RO
  • Washer disinfector / endoscope reprocessor compatible
  • Monthly disinfection program
  • Validation support services

The BIOPURE range is compliant with the latest medical standards and water specifications:

  • EN15883, HTM2030/2031
  • NHS MESc32
  • ISO 15882 Part 4
  • EN285

These water standards serve to minimize the risk of cross infection to patients from a range of infectious pathogens. Typical water quality specifications are:

  • Bacteria levels of <10 CFU/100ml
  • Endotoxin levels of <0.25 EU/ml
  • Conductivity of <30 µS/cm

Which BIOPURE water purification system should you use?
It is very important to use the right quality of water which meets the application’s requirements and standards.