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Pure Water Systems for Centralized Distribution of Laboratory Water
If you need to supply individual laboratories, a suite of laboratories or all of your laboratories and associated facilities i.e. washing rooms in a building, the CENTRA range delivers the flexibility, reliability and economy you need.
Our CENTRA products are single compact units which purify, store and distribute water from a single central unit.
The CENTRA range can:

  • Deliver water from 10 liters up to 38 liters per minute
  • Meet usage requirements of up to 6000 (1231 US Gallons) a day
  • Provide type I, II and III water quality to meet your application needs

Our ELGA team works together with architects, consultants, facilities managers, suppliers, and scientists to provide help and expertise at all stages from concept and design through to the build and installation.
We have provided centralized solutions that have met all specified lab water requirements, economically and on budget across a broad range of organizations. We have installed CENTRA water purification systems in academic research laboratories in universities and institutes, clinical laboratories in hospitals, R&D laboratories in small biotech companies and laboratories in major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical corporations.
What Water Quality Should You Use?
It is very important to use the right quality of water which meets the application and daily usage requirements.